Different Symptoms of Sex Addiction

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Sex is an activity that most people find enjoyable, but for some, sex can become an addiction. Sex addiction can affect men and women alike, consuming their thoughts and making them exhibit compulsive and often unhealthy behaviors. This addiction can lead to issues in an addict’s personal relationships, in their work life, and even with the law. How do you know if you are a sex addict?

There are numerous habits and behaviors that are associated with sex addiction. An addict may have a few symptoms or numerous symptoms, and these include:

– a compulsive desire to masturbate
– having multiple sex partners, including participating in marital infidelity and sex with strangers
– hiring prostitutes for sex
– regular use of pornography
– participating in acts of sexual harassment, rape, molestation, voyeurism, or exhibitionism

Those who are sex addicts often think about sex constantly, and they get very little satisfaction from participating in various sexual acts. They may also feel that they participate in these acts unwillingly, and as if they were compelled to perform the acts.

Sex addicts do not just always want sex from their partner, which is a common complaint that those in a relationship have of their partner. Instead, they seek out sexual contact in ways that can be harmful to themselves as well as to others. They may participate in risky or unsafe sex acts with unknown partners. They may leave work early to pursue a sexual lead from an online personal ad. They may act inappropriately toward others in a sexual way. Such acts may be illegal, may put their job or personal relationships in jeopardy, or may risk their own health and well-being.

If you believe you may be a sex addict, reaching out for help is the first step toward overcoming your addiction. It can take a long time for a sex addict to realize he or she has a problem with sex; acknowledging the issue is a great first step toward overcoming the addiction. There are numerous ways to treat the addiction, but in most cases, treatment involves promoting a healthy sex life in the individual. This may be achieved through couples or marital counseling, individual counseling, joining Sex Addicts Anonymous, and other forms of treatment. If the sex addiction is determined to be related to an underlying obsessive compulsive disorder, prescription medications may be prescribed as part of the treatment plan.

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