Yes its Possible: How to Overcome Sex Addiction

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Having a strong desire for sex is a positive, normal part of being a human. However, it is possible to develop a sex addiction. Like other types of addiction, sex addiction features compulsive behavior.

Sex addiction has a negative affect on both the addicted person and those around him. A sex addict feels a rush when participating in a sexual act. Over time, the intensity must be increased to feel the same rush. Sex addicts often engage in unsafe sexual acts, so they are at a high risk for sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. It is also common for a sex addict to engage in illegal sexual practices such as indecent exposure or public sexual activity.

If you suspect that you have a sex addiction, it is vital to seek professional help. You need to realize that your behavior is the result of an addiction and treat this disorder with the same seriousness as a drug or alcohol addiction.

It is much more difficult to overcome a sex addiction if you do not have support. Seek support from others who are dealing with the same issues. Sex Addicts Anonymous is a nationwide recovery program that brings sex addicts together for contemplation and support. These groups normally meet on a weekly basis as part of a 12-step recovery program. It is important to attend meetings regularly for accountability.

You should also make an appointment with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist to discuss your sex addiction. A professional therapist will give you tools to help you fight and overcome your addiction. A sex addiction can be a result of other underlying mental issues such as depression or bipolar disorder. If necessary, the therapist can prescribe prescription drugs to help restore your mental balance.

Although it can be difficult to admit you have a sex addiction, you should be honest with your family and close friends. You will need the support of those closest to you to overcome your addiction. Your sex addiction affects those who care about you, so your loved ones might need professional help in overcoming their issues as well.

Sex addiction is a serious problem, but you do not need to feel hopeless. There are many resources available to help you overcome your addiction and live a healthy lifestyle. Admitting that you need help is the first step to recovery, so do not be afraid to share the truth about your addiction with people who can help you.

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